The AQUACELL® formula

AquaCell® is an advanced technology by European Tech Group. Based on years of experience in footwear manufacturing and having an insight into customer needs, they designed a unique membrane which provides you with 3 main features: breathability, 100% waterproofness and windproofness. Though AquaCell® is currently used only in shoes, it may be successfully applied in the clothing industry as well.

Current breathable, water- and windproof materials have come a long way since their first versions. A heart is the membrane – the most important part, responsible for waterproofness of a fabric. Other outer and inner layers improve the main features of a material and support its proper functioning but it the membrane that plays a key role. Choosing products with the AquaCell® membrane you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best one.


Our bi-component membrane consists of over 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. Thanks to the extremely small measurements of the pores – 21,000 times smaller than a drop of water and 750 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor, AquaCell® successfully protects your shoes from the rain. At the same time, the produced water vapor is easily removed, so your feet stay dry, warm and comfortable.

Whatever you do. Wherever you are.

Durable Water Repellency

We always set high demands for ourselves. We worked really hard to create a membrane that proves its durable waterproofness in a real-life. Combination of total waterproofness and excellent breathability is nearly impossible but we managed to strike the right balance between them.

AquaCell® protects from the bad weather and lets you feel comfortable in the most extremely humid environments. Even during the worst downpour or wading in deep water, the AquaCell® formula stops drops of water outside your shoes and clothes. It keeps your body completely dry and warm in every condition. Most brands can’t say the same about their product.


To recognize a material as waterproof it has to stop a minimum 2,000 mm of water column per each square meter. This rating number means that if you place a tube 1m x 1m over the fabric and fill it with water, it will start to leak through when the height of water will exceed 2000 mm. You should know that a part of reports give waterproof ratings in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) where 1 PSI equals 704 mm of water.


Each of us is unique and has different needs. Depending on usage of your garment, you’ll need different waterproof ratings. In theory, the amount 5 000 – 10 000 mm should be enough for light rain and average snow – that means everyday use to most of us. To be ready for any situation you should choose products with a higher water protection – the best one guarantees you fabrics with the rating 20,000 mm and more. The AquaCell® membrane is a great basic layer of them. Why? Having one of the highest waterproof ratings on the market speaks for itself.


The truth is that waterproofness of any fabrics depends on properties of all layers, not only of a laminate membrane. Very important is an outer layer which is exposed directly to rain and snow. To improve a surface tension of water this layer is often chemically impregnated with what is defined as DWR (Durable Water Repellency). This process results in a bigger amount of water drops streaming down the material. Furthermore, it reduces water condensation inside a fabric and helps in removing moisture vapor. To protect shoes or clothes with DWR you can wash them with a special impregnated detergent. This is also a great way of conserving shoes with the AquaCell® membrane.

Excelent Windproofness

We know how oppressive the wind, rain or heat can be. Being and working in those extreme weather conditions are great challenges we’d like to assist with. To provide you with the maximum comfort in a wide range of activities, we created a totally windproof membrane. We guarantee you that AquaCell® structure has been designed with the perfection in every detail.

Special AquaCell® formula protects you from wind chill, especially from strong gusts of wind. It works like a wind blocker – it effectively stops the unfavorable weather conditions outside of your body, preventing convective heat loss. AquaCell® creates a favorable microclimate that plays a role of a protective shell for your skin. Designed to take care of your well-being. Whatever you do.


Wind resistance is measured by the number of cubic feet of air passing through the lining in one minute (CFM – Cubic Foot per Minute). The lower the number, the more windproof the material is. Rating that equals 0 means the fabric is completely wind resistant.

Extremely small air volume penetrates through the AquaCell® membrane – LESS THAN 1.0 CFM what makes shoes and clothes practically 100% windproof. A little fraction of wind that is not blocked by our membrane, helps the fabric circulate air and improve its breathability.

Optimal Breathability

Great waterproof properties can considerably disrupt effective fabric breathability. Our membrane has been designed in such a way as to minimize this effect. We know that to stay dry by keeping water on the outside of your shoes and clothes is as important as by moving out sweat from the inside. The fact is that every day a human body can excrete 4 liters of water but until you put on a piece of breathable garment, you won’t notice it.


AquaCell® is a totally new generation of membrane that doesn’t block air circulation. It protects from accumulating moisture inside your shoes. Furthermore, it improves this process – AquaCell® helps you manage extra perspiration, efficiently turning moisture to vapor and removing it. Why? Because membrane pores are sufficiently big to freely let through all water vapor produced by your body. We tested it and we guarantee the reliability of our membrane.


Breathability of a material defines how many grams of moisture vapor pass through one square meter of the fabric from the inside to the outside of a garment in 24 hours. The larger number, the higher breathability. A level of your shoes or clothes breathability should be adjusted to the type of your activity. If you expect maximum comfort, being very active, you should choose products with breathability 20 000 gr/m2/24h and more. The excellent choice are shoes with the AquaCell® membrane which characterizes one of the highest breathability ratings on the market.

The AquaCell® membrane proves to work perfectly even in the most extreme conditions. It ensures a high level of breathability regardless of the current weather – heat, rain or snow. Now, you don’t have to be limited by weather or perspiration.


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